SFSFW members play games based on all sorts of Fantasy and Science Fiction backgrounds as well as Myths from many cultures. We’ve used Norse myth as a theme to tie together the names of the society’s journals, convention and other activities . Here is a quick glossary, with no particular order, in case you came here looking for something other than a day out on July 3rd.


The rainbow bridge of the gods between their realm Asgard and earth in Norse mythology. Defended by Heimdall.


The Norse god of light and the dawn, guardian of the rainbow bridge Bifrost.


Asgard is the home of the principal gods of Norse Mythology, the Aesir, and contains many palaces and halls including Valhalla. The word means stronghold/court of the gods.


The hall in Odin’s palace where the souls of heroes killed in battle feasted with Odin after death.


Chief god of Scandinavian mythology. Also Woden or Wotan of the Germanic peoples. God of battle, death and inspiration. He lives in Asgard where the Valkyries receive the souls of half of the warriors slain in battle, feasting with them in his great hall, Valhalla; the rest feasted with Freya, his wife. Wednesday is named after Odin.


The principal gods of Norse mythology, mainly known as warriors, who lived in Asgard. Includes Odin, Thor, Tiu, and Balder.


The benevolent and peaceful race of gods of Norse mythology including Njord, Frey, and Frey known for their peaceful and benevolent functions.


The Norsemen were the early inhabitants of Norway. The term Norsemen is also applied to Scandinavian Vikings who during the 8th-11th centuries raided and settled in Britain, Ireland, France, Russia, Iceland, and Greenland. The Norse religion (banned 1000) was recognized by the Icelandic government 1973.


Any of the female attendants of Odin who selected the most valiant warriors to die in battle and escorted them to an afterlife of feasting and heroic deeds either in Valhalla or the abode of Freya.


The goddess of the hearth, love, marriage, and fertility and sister of Frey in Scandinavian mythology. Wife of Odin, Friday is named after her.


God of the sun and rain, and of fruitfulness and crops.


Thursday is named after Thor the god of thunder, might and war. Armed with a magical hammer that returned to him, a belt of strength, and iron gloves. He is represented as a man of phenomenal strength who defended humanity against demons. He was one of the sons of Odin and Freya.


One of the sons of Odin, the god of war and the sky.


The god of light, son of Odin and Freya, husband of Nanna. He was noted for his beauty and wisdom. He was invulnerable to everything but mistletoe which killed him when he was shot with it by the blind god Hodur at the instigation of Loki.


One of the Aesir, but he caused dissension among the gods, and the slew of Balder. His children are the Midgard serpent Jö²­µngander, which girdles the Earth; the wolf Fenris; and Hela, goddess of death.


God of the sea, ships, and wealth in Norse mythology.